Extensive experience designing test stands for the aerospace, automotive, industrial and power generation marketplaces since 1985

Test Stands

Custom Test Stands/Production Test Cells

The cost of a test stand or test facility is usually directly proportional to the accuracy of the test simulation.

Emprise Corporation has a proven track record for increasing accuracy while keeping development costs down. This principle applies to large manufacturers, smaller subcontractors and military projects.

Emprise has extensive experience designing test stands for multiple disciplines within the aerospace, automotive, industrial and power generation marketplaces. Since 1985, clients have trusted Emprise with their Research & Development, Certification/Audit, and Manufacturing/Production test equipment and facility needs. Whether your project is a new construction, renovation or retrofit, we provide the test equipment and integration knowledge to help you improve cost efficiency and reduce completion time. Our core mission is to deliver the functionality and performance your application requires. Committed to quality and responsibility, Emprise takes a single-source approach to delivering the optimum test solution.

When it comes to test stands and R&D production test cell development, Emprise is uniquely qualified to deliver outstanding value through intelligent equipment design, integrated systems solutions and delivery process management. We capitalize on initial planning and reduce upfront costs by identifying project requirements and implementing the expertise needed to assemble a cost-effective and performance-driven integrated test solution or facility.

At Emprise, all of our equipment and projects are custom. We've worked with facilities and clients of all shapes and sizes in our 30+ years in the delivery of custom equipment and industrial facilities. We’re excited to hear from you. We want to learn more about what you're looking for and to prove ourselves as the perfect partner for your project needs.

Let's talk about your test equipment, test cell or integrated test facility project.

These projects are representative of some of the typical test stands Emprise is capable of designing and engineering. Our expertise is in developing custom test solutions for your specific test application, no matter what the requirements may be.

We also design and build custom test equipment for filters used in aerospace, hydraulic power, industrial process and filter media manufacturing applications. - see more at Filter Test Stand Products by Emprise Corporation