Custom design and integrate a complete, turnkey acquisition and control system to automate your tests, record data and monitor all critical parameters

Portable Test Cells

PET is an acronym Emprise coined for Portable Engineered Test Cell. Most test cells are designed by an architect and built from conventional “brick and mortar” construction resulting in a test cell that is immobile and difficult to adapt to changing requirements. Emprise has developed a practical alternative to this - PET a portable and modular test cell for a wide variety of engines and component testing.

Built from standard ISO shipping containers, Emprise pre-assembles and tests your PET before it leaves our factory. This saves money and insures quick installation and startup with minimal disruption to your facility operations. Furthermore, a PET may have tax advantages over traditional brick and mortar test cells. (Always consult your tax professional).

With a PET you can test all types of engines from reciprocating to small gas turbines. Our PET is ideal for testing components such as compressors, turbochargers, superchargers, pumps, valves, transmissions, gearboxes, actuators, hydraulic components, air cycle machines (ACMs), ground power units (GPUs) generators and accessories just to name a few.

In addition to its modularity and portability, a PET can be equipped with additional features to make it the most flexible test cell on the market. Options include environmental controls, fluid conditioning systems, and instrumentation for monitoring pressures, flow, temperature, fluid level, speed, vibration, torque and power as well as all safety parameters.

Our engineers can custom design and integrate a complete data acquisition and control system, including real-time plotting and graphics. The Windows PC based system can automate your tests, record data and monitor all critical parameters. Emprise can also integrate a client’s existing data acquisition and control system.

Emprise incorporates many safety features into the PET including hazardous and combustible gas detection, fire detection, automatic purge air controls, fire rated doors and windows, hard-wired e-stops, fire dampers, and fire suppression systems including FM 200® clean agent systems.

With a PET you can have a state of the art test cell that can be relocated and upgraded as your needs change. This makes the most from your initial investment and insures your test cells does not become obsolete as your business changes.

PET Safety Features

  • All metal construction for durability, portability and fire containment
  • Fire rated doors and windows
  • Automatic fire dampers on ventilation and engine exhaust
  • Automatic purge air controls to prevent explosive conditions
  • Automatic fire detection system with redundant sensors
  • Hazardous gas detection system
  • Combustible gas detection system
  • Automatic excess flow control valves on fuel supplies
  • Hardwired e-stop circuit
  • Remote monitoring and alarms from computer control system

PET Technical Highlights

  • Test cell modules from standard 20’ & 40’ ISO containers. (Custom lengths available)
  • Multiple level test cells and mezzanines by stacking containers
  • Adaptable and expandable for changing needs
  • Movable by forklift or standard container handling equipment
  • May be shipped internationally (with limitations)
  • Smaller PETs may be mounted on castors for maximum portability
  • Integral ventilation and exhaust silencers
  • Many accessories available for customizing